We're here to help you and only you

Our aim is to take the hassle out of applying for finance by researching the available products to suit your needs:


We are here to help you with all of your residential lending needs

- Owner occupied purchases

- Investment purchases

- Construction loans

- First Home Buyers

- Refinance 

- Debt consolidation

What to expect from us

So, how does this work? Ideally, we will have 3 or 4 appointments. Our initial appointment, our presentation appointment and the application appointment. This can happen in quick succession depending on your needs, it is best to be prepared. Don't worry, we will send you an email confirming your appointments and it will outline any information we need you to bring with you.


Initial appointment

This appointment will be where we talk the nitty gritty. We discuss;

- What the purpose is for your finance inquiry

- Your requirements for your finance eg repayment terms, type of rate and any extra features you may require

- Your financial position both current and past

- Your long term goals, short term goals and your ability to meet your ongoing repayment obligations.

- Your borrowing capacity

Presentation appointment

Before this appointment we would have done all of our research, spoken with lenders and selected 3 product options that would suit your needs. This meeting is focused on going through the details of each product and discussing how they meet your needs. Ultimately, the final decision comes down to you and what you're comfortable with. Remembering, our goal is to ensure that what ever product you choose to go with suits your needs.

Application appointment

Depending on how quickly you decide to go ahead, this may be completed at your presentation appointment. Your applications will be pre-filled with information you have provided. We will run through the paperwork, ensure all details are correct before getting you to sign and then we will submit all applications on your behalf.

Our job doesn't end there. We are with you right through until settlement. We navigate the conditional and unconditional approvals, keeping you up to date as it progresses and letting you know if further information is required. Finally, all going well and your application is approved we will have one more appointment to sign the loan contracts, we will also send these off on your behalf, if you wish.

Let's be real, sometimes the outcome you were expecting is not the outcome you get. Sometimes your application is denied, this can be from a number of reasons and can sometimes feel like a kick to the guts. We will talk you through why the application was denied and discuss with you ways to improve your situation in the hope you are able to apply for finance in the future.

Broadland Mortgage Advisers

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