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Nikita Neyland,
Mortgage Broker

Making Your Vision a Reality

With a keen interest in buying and investing in property but not loving the bank culture that came with applying for finance, Nikita and Mark turned to a mortgage broker. Met with no real understanding of their situation, their goals and requirements, Nikita saw an opportunity. 

Taking her holistic view of lending, looking at the 'big picture', Nikita opened Broadland Mortgage Advisers in 2017.

Nikita strongly believes that lending is not just a numbers and sales game. Taking a genuine interest in her client's lifestyle, short and long term goals to ensure she is assisting them with the finding a suitable product to meet their finance needs.


Educating clients on the lending process, steps they can take to improve their financial position and ensuring they completely understand their commitments is the most important part of the work at Broadland Mortgage Advisers.

Broadland Mortgage Advisers

Taking the stress out of lending